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Frequently asked questions

If I sign up for a USA mailing address am I limited to using it only at Rabbitte.com.au?
No. You can use your USA mailing address for any online or offline purpose. It is simply just a mailing address.

I'm a non US resident. Do I have to pay import duties or other taxes on products that I buy from a US retailer?
Depending on your country of residence you may have to pay import duties or taxes. Please refer to your appropriate government websites for this information. Australian residents don't have to pay any duties or taxes on most items for internet orders of $1000.00AUD or less.

Does Rabbitte.com.au stock or ship it's own products?
No. We are a shopping directory site. We are an approved affiliate of each of the retailers that are featured on this website and also our other sites.

What is meant by the term 'shipping restrictions' or 'brand restrictions?
OK, it's like this. You are a non US resident and you go to a US retailer's website to buy a particular brand or product. When you get to the checkout a message comes up that tells you that the retailer is prohibited from shipping this particular brand or product outside of the United States (only applies to some products or brands). These restrictions are set down by the wholesaler or manufacturer NOT the retailer. Having your own US mail forwarding address eliminates these restrictions because the retailer is not shipping outside of the US, you are.

I am an Australian resident. I believe in shopping locally so as to support my local economy. Isn't shopping with a US retailer hurting our local economy?
Not necessarily. Rabbitte Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated company. By making a purchase through an Australian owned affiliate site like Rabbitte.com.au, whether it be from a US or AU retailer, revenue from your purchase is redirected back into the Australian economy and helping to create local jobs. It's much the same as buying an imported product from your local 'bricks & mortar' store. We give you the choice of shopping AU or US, so in the end it comes down to your decision.
















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