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FITZROY FALLS - East & West Rim Tracks

The Grotto at Fitzroy FallsTIME ESTIMATE: 2-3 hours

GRADE: Easy-Medium

TRACK: East Rim: A bit rough in some places with some hills.
West Rim: Rough in places, slippery at times, some very steep sections.

East Rim: 7km West Rim: 5km

ATTRACTIONS: Breathtaking scenery, flora & fauna, some rainforest, waterfall views, photo opportunities.

MAP/S: NPWS recommends their brochure available from the Fitzroy Falls Visitor's Centre.

Kangaroo Valley & Adjacent National Parks by NPWS.
If you are having trouble getting a copy of this book contact us.

Driving directions

CAUTION! These track notes are intended for evaluation purposes only and should not be relied upon as a sole guide to this walk/climb. They should be used in conjunction with the suggested topographical map/s and guide book/s listed above. Inexperienced trekkers/climbers are advised to read our getting started section.

East Rim Track

This is the longer of the two walks and it takes you through a variety of vegetation types. The walk begins at the visitors' centre as the boardwalk branches to the left directly underneath the bridge. The scenery along this walk is particularly impressive in the late afternoon light. Fenced lookouts are dotted all along this walk offering some of the most magnificent vistas that you will see anywhere in the Morton National Park. Several of the vantage points along this track offer breathtaking views of the falls. This walk is a photographer's dream in the right conditions. The track officially finishes at a disused vehicular track on the clifftops but an unofficial continuation has been worn by bushwalkers over time. Care should be taken if venturing further with small children due to the sheer drops in the vicinity.


West Rim Track

For this walk continue under the bridge past the East rim exit. Although spectacular in it's own right, the west rim track is designed with the tourist/non-bushwalker in mind. This will be evident as you pass other walkers along the route. Like the east rim there is no shortage of vantage points for taking photos and the scenery is as good or even better than the east rim. Along the way you will encounter a steep staircase that leads down to a cool ferny area known as The Grotto. A diversion here of 50 metres is well worth a look. After crossing a metal bridge continue past several lookouts to eventually arrive at Renown Lookout. Renown Lookout is considered to be the best of all the lookouts in the gorge.

Save your fuel for getting out there - use the internet to buy gear - You'll be miles ahead

To the tourists, this walk represents a beautiful snippet of wilderness, but to the seasoned bushwalker, all the man-made fences, bridges, boardwalks, resting seats, signs and unfortunately, occasional rubbish left by the 'tourists' are frustrating eyesores. Having said that, this walk is still well worth a look for the views alone.


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